Best Headrest DVD Players Review

10. Rockville RDP711-BK Car Headrest Monitor
One of the best DVD players for headrests to consider is the Rockville RDP711-BK model. The kit comes with two headrest monitors and a front DVD player. With a screen resolution of 800 × 480, the screen is sharp and clear. You can tilt both screens forward and backward to adjust the viewing angle as necessary. The screen has an HDMI input, making it an excellent choice for high definition video.

9. Car headrest DVD player LESHP

Another headrest DVD player you need to investigate is from LESHP. This model supports video formats up to 720p resolution, making it suitable for most standard video formats. The rounded design is good for families with children because it reduces the risk of injuries from accidental collisions. There is also a USB 2.0 port and an SD card slot. You can find it on Amazon and save money with free shipping.

8. CUtrip 9-inch dual-screen portable DVD player

CUTRIP manufactures the best headless DVD players. One of the be…